Learn How We Are Improving Riviera Beach

Our Mission Statement

The primary purpose of RBCDC is to operate within the redevelopment area of Riviera Beach as established by the City Council (“Redevelopment Area”), as well as the City of Riviera Beach as a whole, and acquire, rehabilitate and operate affordable housing units, to provide for safe, sanitary and decent affordable housing for families of modest means and/or the elderly, to provide investment capital to low income communities or persons of low income and to engage in other community development activities for neighborhood improvement and community and economic development by providing sustainable business and job opportunities for low income residents.

Our History

Formed in 2012 by the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (RBCRA), the goal of the Riviera Beach Community Development Corporation (RBCDC) is to improve and revitalize neighborhoods in the CRA District and the City of Riviera Beach as a whole. RBCDC was created to participate in community and economic development activities including but not limited to: affordable housing development, infrastructure improvements, neighborhood beautification, job development, commercial development, community and public space development, community building and advocacy, training, homebuyer counseling and education, community gardens and public markets, art and cultural activities, and community policing activities.

As a non-profit, tax exempt organization, RBCDC is positioned to leverage grant resources from Palm Beach County, the State of Florida, and the Federal government. To further its impact in the community and strengthen its commitment to low income neighborhoods, RBCDC strategically organized as a federally designated Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). As a CHDO, one-third (1/3) of the Board of Directors are representatives of low income communities within Riviera Beach as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOME program regulations.

RBCDC has expanded its target area beyond the CRA District to serve the entire city of Riviera Beach. RBCDC continues to serve as the neighborhood services delivery arm of the CRA and is primed to become one of Palm Beach County’s most outstanding non-profit developers.

Since 2012, RBCDC has:

  • Secured $1.2 million in housing grants from Palm Beach County
  • Secured over $20,000 in neighborhood focused grants from PBC Office of Community Revitalization’s REAP Program
  • Built two homes with an additional three under contract
  • Secured site control for a major townhouse development
  • Partnered with the County to assist homeowners with $350,000 in housing repairs to date
  • Leveraged over $550,000 in funding from area banks
  • Secured over $110,000 in grants, both cash and in-kind, from area banks and corporations
  • Partnered with RBCRA in the development and operations of the award-winning Riviera Beach Heights Community Garden
  • Lead over 20 community outreach, volunteer, and service days, harnessing more than 1,900 volunteer hours